• When Purchasing We will advise you regarding pest and building inspections, and if you are buying a strata unit, then I would also advise you to order a search of the strata records.

  • We will liaise with your financier and provide copy of front page of Contract, Transfer, and any other property enquiries your financier may request

  • We can assist with First Home Owner Grant applications and First Home Plus applications (stamp duty exemption)

  • We will request Council provide copies of building plans and approvals

  • We will advise you on terms and conditions of your contract and advise you of stamp duty payable on your contract and transfer.

  • We will order property enquiries on your property

  • We provide in-house stamping facilities as we are registered agent of Office of State Revenue

  • We will advise you regarding insurance cover over your property

  • We will arrange and attend settlement if the settlement is local, and engage a city agent if settlement is to take place elsewhere in the State.

  • We run a Trust Account to assist with financial arrangements on settlement.

  • In short, we will take care of all the details to make your whole purchasing process as smooth and hassle free as possible.

When Selling

  • We will order all necessary documentation to be included in your Contract from Council and Lands Department

  • We will advise you generally of terms and conditions to be incorporated into your Contact

  • We will prepare the Contract

  • We will send a full copy of the contract to your real estate agent so he can commence marketing your property

  • We will organise a Discharge of Mortgage over the property with your Bank

  • We will obtain a confirmed pay-out figure on the day of settlement

  • We will arrange and attend settlement if the settlement is local and appoint an agent if settlement is to take place elsewhere in the State

  • We will bank the net proceeds of your sale into your nominated account

  • We will take care of all the details so you can concentrate on moving

Useful Links
this site has useful information on First Home Owner benefits and also a stamp duty calculator
this site has lots of information on Crown Land, Enclosure Permits, Land & Property Authority Management (formerly Land Titles Office) and fees charged for services by Land & Property Management Authority.
Deposit Power Guarantees can be purchased if you do not have access to a cash deposit when purchasing a property. For a fee of 1.2% of the amount of the deposit being guaranteed, Deposit Power will issue a Deposit Power Guarantee which guarantees the payment of the deposit on settlement. This site provides useful information on how to purchase a Deposit Power Guarantee.

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